Vinod Daroz

Vinod Daroz is a ceramicist based in Baroda, India. Hailing from a family of traditional jewellers, Vinod was exposed to an aesthetic of adornment, intricacy and refinement very early on. As a student of sculpture at the Faculty of Fine Arts, M.S. University of Baroda, he began his explorations in ceramics and eventually chose it as his primary medium of expression.
He has been interested in elements from temple architecture that reflect an aesthetic steeped in symbolism and decorative elements. He creates floral patterns and phallic forms as symbolic interpretations of male and female energies. In certain contexts of classical Indian art, decoration and pattern-making have historically been associated with evoking the Sringara rasa- an expansive classification that relates to expressions of beauty, love (spiritual and romantic) and erotica. The notion of desire in relation to an ideal of universal oneness that embraces both male and female energies, the Mandala like pattern becoming the symbolic container for this vision, is inspired by Indian mythology.