Vilasini Reddy

Equally entranced with wielding a painting brush, knitting, embroidery, sitting at a potter’s wheel or winning laurels on the Golf course, she is one of those most adaptable, immensely talented people excelling in whatever they do. Often found surrounded by uniquely crafted collections and several works in progress at her studio, Vilasini Reddy was pushed into taking up pottery by her sister Vasudevi Reddy, who uncovered Vilasini’s hidden flair and artistic exuberance for working with clay.

In Hyderabad, not knowing where to start, Vilasini went about getting in touch with friends and acquaintances interested in the craft of pottery, and began working on the wheel, besides learning various firing techniques and glazing methods, and putting together tips from others. With her inimitable enthusiasm she also took the initiative to bring all those pursuing the art to create the Hyderabad Hot Pots.
She is a founder of Hyderabad Potters Market.