Shampa Shah

Shampa Shah’s practice in Arts is essentially located in the dialogue between the Traditional and the Modern that overlap with her writing and curating. Having trained under renowned contemporary ceramist P R Daroz she also had the opportunity to augment it with her long years of research and close collaborative works with traditional terracotta artists.She has been working as an independent artist in ceramics for last three decades. Has exhibited widely in many major forums in India and abroad.

Five time recipient of All India Fine Arts and Crafts Society (AIFACS) Awards. Was awarded the Junior National Fellowship of Ministry of Human Resource and Development and Roopankar fellowship of Bharat Bhavan, Bhopal.

Headed the Ceramic Section at Indira Gandhi National Museum of Man(IGRMS) Bhopal for 21 years. Exhaustive research and documentation and Publications on the pottery traditions of India and a host of traditional folk and tribal artists of India. Curated major exhibitions for IGRMS on the theme of folk and tribal Mythologies of India.

Worked as consultant curator and folklorist towards the conceptualization of the recently developed Madhya Pradesh Tribal Museum, Bhopal.