Sandeep Manchekar

My clay journey started when I got play dough in my tender hands.
Got an entry to ceramic studio ‘AAJ’ owned by Mr. L.R. Ajgaonkar at age of 10,
I was lucky to spent my best time in ceramic studio at Bandra Kala nagar where Clay became my best companion.

Went to Sir.J.J.School of art Mumbai for formal training and further did intense course in Pottery and low temperature glazes from CVPI and RDTDC Bangalore. I Started my professional journey in 1991making Murals in meddle Eastern countries, went on making range of hand made table ware.Teaching ceramics is my core activity which brings loads of experience and practicing pottery gives the esthetic feel. Although I was born and brought up in Mumbai, my inspiration comes from the natural world. I see nature tenuously hanging on in my city, which has changed so drastically and dramatically since I was a child. My recent work focuses on the tug between nature and our material world and the questions that lie therein for us all.