Perin and LT. Ralli Jacob, Good Earth Pottery, Alibag

Perin Jacob

Studied commercial arts at the Sir JJ School Of Arts between 1954-58; during which she started out as a trainee for the magazine ‘Marg’, learning lay-out and production.

Her fine arts bent of mind gave in to an urge to learn pottery, prompting her to seek basic pottery lessons from Ms. Premila Pandit.

Soon the urge manifested into an obsessive occupation. The small studio space at the Bhulabhai Memorial Institute, where she and Ralli Jacob laboured over numerous advertising campaigns, outgrew its graphic design output and served as a pottery studio too.

The brief stint with Ajanta Advertising and the long spell of freelance ad-work helped Perin finally wind up advertising and commercial arts forever.

A mother of two by then, the need to survive and the want to pursue pottery became a balancing act of sorts.

By 1969, diligent ceramic self study and practice took over.

In 1975, shouldering her husband Ralli’s desire to escape the urban race, they moved across the Mumbai harbour to the then green belt Alibag.

A big step forward!


Ralli Jacob

He graduated from Sir J J School of Commercial Arts, Bombay in 1962.

Beginning with Shilpi Advertising in 1963, the next 12 years saw him as an accomplished graphic designer/ free-lancer with top advertising agencies

of his era. Finally, as Chief Art Director of Clarion McCann Advertising, Ralli had spent a satisfying decade of his life in the ad-world.

It was when the going was good, that Ralli got going.

In 1972, he decided to team up with his wife Perin who had already followed her heart to pottery.

All focus shifted to ‘Ceramic Expressions’, their first business venture.

Ralli’s pragmatism helped in actualizing Perin’s dream and a modest pottery studio emerged renamed later as today’s ‘Good Earth’.

Later, Ralli began exploring the possibilities of glass as a new medium, making use of the kiln and the basic infrastructure of their existing studio. Slumping, stretching and twisting cast away bottles to convert them into sculptural and functional objets d’art. Some of these works were exhibited at ‘Transforme Design Studio’, Mumbai in 2007.