Madhur Sen

Founder:Blue Turtle Studio
(Member of :AIC-IAC: International Academy of Ceramics)
(Member of : ICAA:International Ceramic Artists Association..China)

Madhur Sen graduated from Delhi College of Arts (India) in 1986 in sculpture.
She was a artist member of Lalitkala Academi Artists Studio (Garhi)from 1986-2002.

She has participated in many solo and group shows in India and abroad. Her work has been part of various exhibitions and in private collections across the glob like- Argentina, US, China, Japan,Korea,Spain, France, Turkey Thailand and India.
She taught ceramic art in a design institute for several years. Presently she is working and teaching from her own studio in New Delhi..

She combines sculpture and pottery technique to develop new forms of expression. Experimenting with newer ways to deploy animal and human forms particularly interests her, using high temperature safe glazes and slips she tries to find the delicate balance between form and content.