B R Pandit

Pottery is a language that the five-member Pandit family across two generations speaks innately and passionately; it is a craft that bonds the family together. One of India’s most distinguished potters, Bramhdeo Ram Pandit or Panditji as he is respectfully known, and his wife Devkiji, come from families of traditional potters in Bihar with an inheritance of long-established forms and techniques. He moved to Mumbai in 1971 via the KVIC Central Village Pottery Institute at Khanapur (1970) and a working stint with L R Ajgaonkar. He also studied semi-formally at the Handicraft Teacher Training College, Mumbai (1973) at the J J School of Art, Mumbai (1975), at Regional Pottery Training Centre, Bhadrawati (1975), at Garhi, New Delhi (1981), and Workshop training in Japan (1989). In Mumbai Panditji built his studio in Bhayander, now an impressive three-storeyed factory that creates glazed tableware for premium hotel chains and lifestyle stores.