Vilasini Reddy

Equally entranced with wielding a painting brush, knitting, embroidery, sitting at a potter’s wheel or winning laurels on the Golf course, she is one of those most adaptable, immensely talented people excelling in whatever they do. Often found surrounded by uniquely crafted collections and several works in progress at her studio, Vilasini Reddy was pushed into taking up pottery by her sister Vasudevi Reddy, who uncovered Vilasini’s hidden flair and artistic exuberance for working with clay.

In Hyderabad, not knowing where to start, Vilasini went about getting in touch with friends and acquaintances interested in the craft of pottery, and began working on the wheel, besides learning various firing techniques and glazing methods, and putting together tips from others. With her inimitable enthusiasm she also took the initiative to bring all those pursuing the art to create the Hyderabad Hot Pots.
She is a founder of Hyderabad Potters Market.

Shampa Shah’s practice in Arts is essentially located in the dialogue between the Traditional and the Modern that overlap with her writing and curating. Having trained under renowned contemporary ceramist P R Daroz she also had the opportunity to augment it with her long years of research and close collaborative works with traditional terracotta artists.She has been working as an independent artist in ceramics for last three decades. Has exhibited widely in many major forums in India and abroad.

Five time recipient of All India Fine Arts and Crafts Society (AIFACS) Awards. Was awarded the Junior National Fellowship of Ministry of Human Resource and Development and Roopankar fellowship of Bharat Bhavan, Bhopal.

Headed the Ceramic Section at Indira Gandhi National Museum of Man(IGRMS) Bhopal for 21 years. Exhaustive research and documentation and Publications on the pottery traditions of India and a host of traditional folk and tribal artists of India. Curated major exhibitions for IGRMS on the theme of folk and tribal Mythologies of India.

Worked as consultant curator and folklorist towards the conceptualization of the recently developed Madhya Pradesh Tribal Museum, Bhopal.

My clay journey started when I got play dough in my tender hands.
Got an entry to ceramic studio ‘AAJ’ owned by Mr. L.R. Ajgaonkar at age of 10,
I was lucky to spent my best time in ceramic studio at Bandra Kala nagar where Clay became my best companion.

Went to Sir.J.J.School of art Mumbai for formal training and further did intense course in Pottery and low temperature glazes from CVPI and RDTDC Bangalore. I Started my professional journey in 1991making Murals in meddle Eastern countries, went on making range of hand made table ware.Teaching ceramics is my core activity which brings loads of experience and practicing pottery gives the esthetic feel. Although I was born and brought up in Mumbai, my inspiration comes from the natural world. I see nature tenuously hanging on in my city, which has changed so drastically and dramatically since I was a child. My recent work focuses on the tug between nature and our material world and the questions that lie therein for us all.

Founder:Blue Turtle Studio
(Member of :AIC-IAC: International Academy of Ceramics)
(Member of : ICAA:International Ceramic Artists Association..China)

Madhur Sen graduated from Delhi College of Arts (India) in 1986 in sculpture.
She was a artist member of Lalitkala Academi Artists Studio (Garhi)from 1986-2002.

She has participated in many solo and group shows in India and abroad. Her work has been part of various exhibitions and in private collections across the glob like- Argentina, US, China, Japan,Korea,Spain, France, Turkey Thailand and India.
She taught ceramic art in a design institute for several years. Presently she is working and teaching from her own studio in New Delhi..

She combines sculpture and pottery technique to develop new forms of expression. Experimenting with newer ways to deploy animal and human forms particularly interests her, using high temperature safe glazes and slips she tries to find the delicate balance between form and content.

Khanjan dalal studied painting at, Baroda between 1994 -98 and sculpture at the Gerrit rietveld akademie, Amsterdam 2000-01.

In late 2012 in order to pursue his carrier as an artist he left the business of an Art Gallery which he feels, is more fulfilling. He then has reconnected with the medium of clay. The works he produces use essentially two kind of firing techniques in Ceramics. One is Gas fired stoneware and the other special technique is a Japanese wood fired technique called “Anagama” where all beautiful colors and textures are due the molten wood ash that gets deposited on the works during the firing.

Recently in 2019, he had a 2 person exhibition “Know…Not This” at gallery 079 Stories in Ahmedabad. In past He has had a solo exhibition of his sculptures and installations “Recap in peace during the release of the film “NEERJA” at Satya art gallery-Ahmedabad in 2016, “just an Illusion” a group exhibition of 18 artists at Juneja art gallery, Jaipur during the first Indian Ceramic Triennial 2018.

Simultaneously he has been collecting prints and ceramic art of Indian and western contemporary artists passionately. Apart from that he has a significant collection of Japanese Ukiyo e woodblock prints from 18th and 19th century, Chinese blue and white ware from Ming dynasty and British Transfer ware from 18th century. He continues to live and work in Ahmedabad.

Falguni Bhatt a Sculptor, ceramist and installation artist is hailed from Baroda, Gujarat. With her heart set on a creative journey she completed her Bachelors and Masters degree in Fine Arts with specialisation in Ceramic Sculpture from the Maharaja Sayajirao University, Baroda, Her work is all about deconstructing stereotypes of thought and practice reflecting an intense and deeply sensitive relationship with her surroundings as well as her state of mind at any given point in time.

Credited with a number of distinguished solo shows at home and abroad.She has received Awards, among them the IAFACS award, All India mini sculpture award, national scholarship and junior fellowship from ministry of culture,India.have curated Several International Ceramic Residencies at Art Ichol Maihar, Rann of Kutch under Global Art Festival Event.Participated in many Residency programs, among them Jingdezhen International Studio,Solo Show at Taoxichuan Art Avenue MUsuem 2019. International Ceramic Studio kecskemet, Hungary.

She is a member of AIC-IAC International Academy Of Ceramics , Founder member of
“Afsa Fired Art” Kolkata.

She live and work in Kolkata.